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Room Sizes

Pool Table

Preferred Room Sizes

Find out if your room is big enough for a table from the experts at Custom Billiards.

Desired Room Dimensions

You've always wanted a pool table, but the big question you have is if the table will fit in your room properly or not. Of course, this information is important to know before making a purchase of a table to ensure it's a proper fit. We'll help you figure out if your room is big enough!

Get Help With Installation

If you've determined that your room is indeed big enough for a pool table, we'll gladly install it for you. If you want it on the second floor, don't worry, we'll get it up there for you!
Pool Table

Find out the Required Room Size

  • For a 7' x 3 1/2' pool table, the room should be 17' x 13 1/2'
  • For an 8' x 4' pool table, the room should be 18' x 14'
  • For a 9' x 4 1/2' pool table, the room should be 19' x 14 1/2'
Pool Table

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

If the room is too small for a pool table, it may not allow you to play a proper game of pool, and you may also have a difficult time installing the table in the space. Use the dimensions listed above as a guide for purchasing the right-sized pool table for your room!

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